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Wednesday, 26 August 2009

The Rich Don't Work For Money

It can hurt a little to see others do so well; the wealthy heading off in their luxurious car for a weekend away at their own private beach house, or jetting off around the world to taste the genuine flavors of the world. Yes it can be frustrating, you may even feel jealous; use these emotions to inspire you to think!

The majority of people finish school and go out looking for a job, some even start working before leaving school (parents smiling proudly). And yet most people never learn about money.

People often blame their boss, their wage, the economy, the government and the rich for their financial situation. Many of these people quit and go looking for a better job, a higher income and the others accept their situation and just keep working, waiting for a pay rise, living with the fear of getting fired and yet even more terrified of taking control of their own situation, getting out of their comfort zone and making a change.

Fear and desire drives most people to seek false security through a job; a job is simply a short term solution to a long term problem. It's easier to get a job and work for money; this is what you are taught at school and at home; go to school, get good grades and get a good job. Yes, it can be difficult to change your own situation and your own habit's, although it is still easier to change yourself than to change your boss, your wage, the economy, the government and the rich!

Robert's rich dad taught him that emotion is your energy in motion. "Learn to use your emotions (fear and desire) to think, not think with your emotions" He offered Robert and his own son Mike the opportunity to work for him at one of his Superette stores (a 1956 version of the 7-11) for free at the age of 9. The lesson to learn from this experience was that the sooner you forget about needing to earn money from a job the easier it will be to identify and take advantage of opportunities.

Robert and Mike did see an opportunity, an opportunity many people would never have seen or taken. They asked the comic book distributor if they could have the unsold comics from the Superette stores; this was allowed as long as they did not sell them. So... they set up a comic book library, charged an admission fee to the local kids to visit the library and read the comics. They hired Mike's sister to be their librarian. They generated money from their business; their money worked for them!

The Rich Don't Work For Money. Financial education is the solution.

(Source: ezinearticle.com)

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