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Sunday, 30 August 2009

Things to Consider in Starting a Home Based Business

Many people are under the impression that starting and maintaining a home based online business is easy. But while there are certain advantages to doing your business at home, there are still a lot of factors involved in making online entrepreneurial endeavors successful. Here are some factors that you need to consider before you go full steam on your internet business:

1. Market. 

Market is always important. You need to study the kind of market you will be getting into before you plunge in. Starting up without having any idea of what your market is all about is like being a soldier in a war - without a gun. Make sure to do the appropriate research about the market - current trends and future projections. You can visit online communities and discussion boards to see what potential clients are looking for, in terms of prices, services, products, and so on. You should also do a lot of research about your possible competitors - study their pricing methods, delivery and shipping policies, products, customer service, and the like. You might even want to try actually buying a product or two or availing a service to see how it's like to be a client of theirs. Use what you learn in the planning stage of your business.

2. Space.

You may be staring up small, but at least try to use a space what will be conducive to your company's growth. There may come a time where you will need extra equipment or need extra people to help you out. There may also be a need for business contacts to come see you in person - will you be needing space of these kinds of interaction and transactions? Of course, this all will depend on the kind of online business you want to get into.

3. Branding

Some clients mind that a business is run from home, so you need to look to the future and see if your home is the right place to base your business. Again, this depends on the type or market you are catering to, as while some mind, others don't care for anything except the level of quality and value for money that you and your service can offer them.

It's always good to take a deep breath and think things through before you launch an online business. You cannot afford to be too gung ho and just rush into things and "leave the rest to fate" as some might say. It's always best to have a plan you can refer to so you can be guided as you go along.

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The Easiest Ways to Make Money From Home

If you have been thinking about how you can actually make money from home, but you have not reached the point where you know exactly what to do next, it means that is time to stop thinking and start doing.

When you enter a discussion about this subject you will usually find those who tell you that making money from home is impossible while others might tell you that it is as easy as falling off a log.

The ones that show their skepticism usually do so because they have not seriously committed themselves to building a home business or they have simply been scammed on time too many. On the other side of the coin those overly optimistic are often trying to sell you something and not always they have accomplished what they say you will (making money from home easily).

The plain truth is that making money from home can be really easy, but not in the way some people think (which involves the illusion of making money with no effort).

Now, what does it really mean it can be easy?

A home business will demand a lot less time than a traditional business (which I know by experience can easily consume 12 hours of your time every single day), it will undoubtedly be hard work, but it will leave you with a lot more time to for yourself (which is priceless) and with a greater sense of reward.

A home business will not require you to be stocked with inventories in order for you to run it properly, which certainly reduces the need for start up capital and makes it a lot easier.

A home business will not require for you to have a payroll, in fact you can completely skip the employee variable thus avoiding all the expenses involved in managing personnel.

A home business will spare you the difficulties associated with having a location, which in turn means that you will not need a lot of capital to start, in fact you can actually start with almost no money in your pocket.

So, what is the easiest way to make money from home?

This subject is a matter of constant discussion in many forums and blogs, but in my own personal experience your best shot for a real and scalable home business is at internet marketing and forex trading. These are two rather different ways to start making money from home, however any of them can easily turn into a significant stream of income if you take your time to learn and commit yourself to building a work routine.

The best part is that none of these alternatives require a lot of money to start, so provided that you have the necessary tools and resources by your side, you will easily achieve the goal of making money from home fast.

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How To Become Rich - 3 Easy Tips That Will Teach You Exactly How To Become Rich

If you want to learn how to become rich congratulate yourself because you've came to the right place. Not only is this article going to show you exactly how to become rich but you're also going to learn how to do it from the comfort of your own home.

Before I start though, let me ask you how serious are you about making money, how serious are you about becoming rich?

You see, most people aren't most people will say someday I'll do this or someday I'm going to be rich but to be completely honest with you someday never happens, if you're one of those people you're going to have to make some changes.

The first step you need to take in order to become rich is to DECIDE right now that you really want to be rich.

The second thing you should know is that you're never going to get rich working for someone else. You're never going to learn how to become rich trading your time for money making other people rich.

Here's a scary but true fact for you...

Did you know that 98% of people retire dead or dead broke by age 65 and only 2% of people retire wealthy?

Do you know what the 98% are doing?

They're doing the same thing you and I were taught growing up, the same thing you're most likely doing right now working a j.o.b. (just over broke). Do you remember being told in order to be successful in life you must go to school, get a degree, get yourself a good job, and spend the next 40 years of your live slaving away to the rat race?

We were all sold this lie and were taught to believe it was "The American Dream" but you and I both know that it's actually "The American Nightmare" because it's scary.

So if you want to learn how to become rich, happy, and successful and you don't want to end up being broke, depressed, and miserable you'll want to pay close attention to what I'm about to say.


That's right the wealthy people, the 2% are working for themselves! They are creating fortunes from home, working when they want, traveling wherever they want, and spending more time than you could dream of with their families and friends.

They have the nicest cars, the nicest homes, and are extremely happy because they no longer have to worry about money.

Just picture yourself waking up each morning to a few extra thousand dollars in your bank account? Imagine being able to travel anywhere you want in the world and actually get paid for it, imagine having all the free time and money in the world to do the things you want instead of the things you don't...

In closing, if you really want to learn how to become rich find someone who is already rich, find someone how already owns their own business who can teach you how to do the same. Good luck on your quest to become rich, I know you can do it!
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Thursday, 27 August 2009

Who says you can't be rich?

It is an understatement to say that most of us strive to be financially independent. I'm no different. I dream of the day when I can say I'm working only because I feel like it and not because I have to. But we all know daydreaming won't help us to achieve our financial goals.

To a large extent, our attitudes and perceptions determine how we respond to and deal with issues. Suffice to say, a good attitude and a set of positive self-beliefs are prerequisites for any successful pursuit.

It is no different when it comes to wealth accumulation and money management. For instance, without the belief that we should take charge and be responsible for our own financial well-being, we will procrastinate and achieve nothing.

In the same vein, if we believe that everything is fated, we will take the easy route and blame our destiny instead of stepping up our financial literacy and looking out for opportunities.

Almost everyone knows the importance of money, but there are many who consciously or unconsciously limit themselves on what they can achieve because of their personal beliefs.

See if you can identify your money beliefs in the eight examples here:
-Money is the root of all evil.
-Money cannot buy happiness.
-I'm married. My husband will take care of the finances.
-It is better not to be too rich. When men have surplus money, their eyes will wander. My husband will become unfaithful and leave me if we become wealthy.
-I'm a mother, so it is only right that the needs of my husband and kids come first. It's not right for me to think of my own retirement needs.
-My financial plan is my husband/kids. Someone will take care of me when I'm old.
-I'm hopeless with figures. They give me a headache.
-The filthy rich usually get rich through ruthless or dishonest means.

Which of the above beliefs, many of which are self-defeating, strike a chord with you? Bogged down by such beliefs, it is no wonder that some of us can't even make it to the starting point because the motivation to be rich is not even there.

Another unpleasant truth is that most people are too lazy to be rich. They may say they want to be rich but they don't do much about it except to hope to become rich by chance.

Don't get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with buying that lottery ticket or participating in a lucky draw. I still harbour hopes of getting a sudden inheritance from a rich, long-lost relative. But don't just stop there. Be realistic and realise that we must be prepared to put in the effort and make sacrifices.

The good news is we have the ability to choose our attitudes, behaviours and responses. This will lead to physical changes and result in us taking the right action plans to achieve our goals. A good place to start is to form positive mental pictures of who you want to be. Here are five steps to achieving financial success.

First of all, throw out any self-beliefs that stand in your way of making money. It is worth your while to take some time and explore your childhood memories of money. Doing so will help you arrive at a deeper understanding of yourself and your attitude towards money.

Second, ask yourself what you want the money for. It helps if you have an idea of what you plan to do with the money. This is because it is more meaningful if money is seen as a means to an end. Perhaps you want to enhance the lifestyles of your parents who slogged all their lives to bring you up. Or you may aspire to be a philanthropist and set up many charities and foundations to help the poor and needy. Ask yourself how you want to use the money to transform yourself and the people around you.

Third, instead of your old self-defeating money beliefs, adopt new positive beliefs such as:
-It is okay to want to be rich.
-I am worthy and deserving of prosperity and love.
-I'm a mother but it is okay to prioritise my retirement needs and look out for myself.
-If I don't look after my own financial well-being, no one else will.
-Money is a friend, not a foe.
-I can create my own financial destiny.
-I am prepared to put in the effort to be rich.

Fourth, form mental images of where you would like to be in the future. A friend, who is a human resource consultant, often uses pictures in magazines to prompt his workshop participants to talk about themselves by picking a picture that best represents their mood or emotion. Being able to visualise yourself and your goals is a powerful tool.

Last, but not least, changing your mindset is not enough, so have an action plan to help you achieve your goals. Be diligent in acquiring more financial knowledge by reading up about money management and investing. Get professional advice.

You are now all set and ready to embark on a financially rewarding journey.

(Source: www.asiaone.com)

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Why Unmaterialistic People Should Want to Get Rich

Imagine a greedy old miser, nearing the end of his life. For years he shunned friends and family to amass a fortune, but now, in old age, he sits alone in an empty mansion, cursing himself for missing out on the truly important things in life. No one wants to end up like him. We want to enjoy the love of our family and friends. Only materialistic people with skewed priorities care about being rich. Right?

The burden of acquiring money weighs heavily on anyone without it. People don’t go to work because they like it. They go because without money their families will have nowhere to live and nothing to eat. Without money you have no clothes, no food, no shelter, no life. For money we trade the bulk of our waking hours, 5 days a week, until old age renders us incapable.

Money isn’t everything, but it comes damn close. So with all these reasons to want money, why is the drive become rich associated with greed, selfishness, and materialism?
Why Money Arouses Greed and Resentment

What is the first image ‘rich man’ brings to mind? Think Disney, think Christmas, think Scrooge. Since before we could read we’ve been fed images of greedy misers abusing the helpless and kind hearted poor. Scrooge is only one instance of this popular archetype. Scan your mind for villains and you’ll find that ‘greedy rich man’ is the finest. Nothing inspires resentment better than someone with abundance who craves more, more, MORE.

But this isn’t reality. Real villains are few and far between and as likely to be poor as rich. Money is inherently neutral. The greed that inspires evil deeds originates not in money, but in the perpetrator. Money is as good or bad as the force that wields it.

In addition to media portrayals, there are more tangible reasons that richness inspires resentment. The greatest of these is the division of classes. While some people have relationships with both rich and poor, most don’t. You have your team and you stick to it. Even though most rich people are good folks, some are downright horrible. These spoiled brats (No one cares who your daddy is, and you’re making him look like a fool) create the resentment that spreads to all richness. The relationship between rich and poor is a toxic mixture of hatred and envy; people are forced to pick sides, and as Steve Olson explained, the outcome isn’t pretty.

There is also the wretched plague of materialism. The worst offenders aren’t the rich, but those who live beyond their means. The people going into debt to buy big houses, luxury cars, and plasma T.V.s. It isn’t about what you have, but what you can show. These fools want to be rich for shallow despicable reasons. Unmaterialistic people associate this idiocy with the desire to be rich and label the pursuit of the money unfulfilling. I was a member of this group of unmaterialists until I began to consider money and the nature of employment in a different light.
You Can Buy Time

The popular saying ‘you can’t buy time’ is blatantly false. Employers buy time everyday when they exchange money for labor. You may not be able to buy back time that has already passed, but you can certainly prevent yourself from having to sell your time in the future. Only the rich are able to avoid selling their time for money on a daily basis. Without the pressure to trade time for money, rich people are free to enjoy their lives however they please. If you take nothing else from this article, remember that money is freedom.

This realization led to the formation of my primary life goal: to become independently wealthy. By nature I am not a materialistic person. I care little for extravagance and the admiration of others. My favorite past times are the outdoors, basketball, reading, and collecting books. Old, used books, that generally cost less than a dollar, are more precious to me than any high tech gadgetry. But there is one valuable commodity that I prize above all others. Time.

When I started working full time 7 months ago I realized what it really meant to sell my time. I’m not complaining about my job. It pays well, affords decent hours, and the people are great. The problem is having to be there all the time. Call me ungrateful, but I don’t want just a good life, I want the best life I can muster, and that means having control of my own time.
Making Money Helps Other

After you buy something how do you usually feel? Unless you have spent foolishly and have buyer’s remorse you probably feel good. This is because have acquired something worth more to you than the money you paid for it. Commerce is an exchange of values. The merchant gets your money and you get wonderful commodities. Everyone is happy. If you weren’t happy you’d buy from someone else, which is why companies that don’t provide value go out of business. The success someone has is a direct indication of the value they provide to others.

Becoming rich doesn’t mean working long hours at a job you hate. Many people believe that becoming wealthy requires a high paying job i.e. doctor, lawyer, banker, executive etc. This may be the most certain path, but it isn’t the only one. There are unlimited ways to provide value to others, and the more creative ones are the most explosively successful. Don’t resign yourself to being poor just because these professions don’t fit. If you don’t like something you will never be great at doing it. The key is finding something you love that provides value to others.

You are currently witnessing my first foray into the world of independent value creation. I don’t expect this site to make me rich overnight, but it’s my first attempt at using my passions and abilities to create value. You may say I’m an optimistic fool, but each minute I work on this site I learn more about business and sharpen my creative abilities. Plus, it’s also very fun!

If you want to make the most of your life and attain personal freedom, becoming rich is a goal we both share. Don’t resign yourself to trading time for money just because that’s what most people do. Don’t wait to get going. Start working now. It’s going to be hard and you will need to make sacrifices, but don’t be discouraged. You have everything to gain, all you have to lose is your time.

(Source: www.pickthebrain.com)

You Really Want to Help the Poor? Get Rich!

The poor in America and elsewhere in the world require aid from people with better means. A lot of times, these means are taken by governments in the form of taxes that are meant to help these people in need. But often times, only a small percentage of revenue generated from taxes actually make it to the people who need it most. That is where charities come in, allowing people with means to personally target their vast donations to the causes about which they are passionate.

Moreover, taxes collected by government for means of supporting welfare and other entitlement programs use a method of force to move money earned by the productive sector of the economy to the unproductive sector. Acting in opposite, charitable donations are an act of free will, where one or more people actively and consciously give of their income to those in need in order to provide essentials or to give the lift needed to become a more productive member of this economy.

Even though over 75% of all our taxes are paid by only 1% of our citizens, the tax revenue received for the express purpose of helping others greatly pales in comparison to the voluntary philanthropy of the wealthy 1%. And as stated earlier, these charitable funds are specifically targeted to a needy organizations, hospitals, or other causes, allowing the money given to actually be used by the recipients, instead of wasted in bureaucracy.

Therefore, if you really care about helping the poor, get rich! Stop relying on your tax dollars to go the the people who need it most. Once you build your wealth, you can allocate your desired amounts to help those you wish to help.

How do you get rich?

Well, first you need to think differently. There are two economic systems in America, the "wage" system and the "profit" system. Outside professional athletes and senior corporate executives, no one ever gets rich from the "wage" system. It is within the "profit" system that all the true wealth in America and around the world is made. Owning your own business is the key to success, and the key to your ability to help uplift the poor.

The kind of business that is right for you depends on your personality, characteristics, and work habits. Also, you need to decide if you want to own a business to do part time while you work in your career or profession, or you can commit to being a full time entrepreneur. There are endless choices, but do not get overwhelmed. Out of all the types of businesses, including brick and mortar retail shops, franchises, and service related businesses, and internet based businesses, it is the internet business that allows for the greatest return on investment.

Brick and mortar franchises cost over $500,000 to start and you are not in profit for 3 to 4 years. There are also employees to deal with, not to mention rent and insurance, and can only operate during certain limited hours. Internet businesses have little startup costs, are in profit within a few months, have incredible growth the first year, and have no employees, no space, no rent, no inventory, and no insurance. Plus, if you pick the correct online home based business, you can have it work for you 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, targeting over 1.5 billion people in over 150 different countries.

Of course there are scams, pyramid schemes, funnels, multi-level marketing structures, and affiliate programs selling lotions, potions, and pills, but there is an easy way to determine what is right for you as you think about your goals of helping the people in need with a portion of your earnings. You want a business that provides an extensive online training system that takes you from extreme internet novice to expert marketer in a very short period of time. You want a business that specializes in promoting personal branding, where your leadership shines in the forefront instead of a behind-the-scenes company with no vision to help others. You want a business that allows you to start big if you have marketing capital for realizing returns much quicker, but you also want that same business to allow you to start small and use their extensive free and vast social marketing resources to allow you to build your business over time, transitioning from free advertising to paid advertising within 4 to 6 months.

Do not rush this process. Feel free to comment on this article if you have any general or specific questions. Just remember why you are doing this, to make a greater impact in your community for the betterment of people in need.

(Source: ezinearticles.com)

4 Ways to Make Money Online Quickly

Are you searching for ways to make quick money online? There are many people that get on the internet looking for the same thing.

It can seem like a daunting task to find some way to make money fast because there are so many different options. Knowing what some of these options are will help you decide on the best way for you to use to make money.

Here are a few of the best ways to quickly make money online.

1. Affiliate marketing - This is a free way to use to make money. All you have to do is to find affiliate programs to promote and then start marketing those programs. The more you market them, the faster you will make money.

2. Offer your services to other business owners online. There are many business owners online that are looking for someone to write articles, reports, eBooks, press releases and many other things.

They will gladly pay you to do this work for them. If you have a talent in writing, then use it to make money quickly online.

3. Sell products on eBay or other auction sites - There are many different products being sold on these auction sites. You can sell things that are sitting around your home that are not being used.

You can also visit estate sales, garage sales, buy products at wholesale or even find a dropshipper that will let you sell their products. There are many ways to locate products you can sell, so find someone get started selling them right away.

4. Blogging - There are so many blogs being started every day because blogging is becoming more popular all the time. You can use blogs to promote affiliate programs, sell your services, create and sell your own products and even sell physical products from. Starting a blog is not hard to do and it is a quick way to make money fast.

These are the best ways to make quick money online, but definitely not all of the ways that can be used. Anyone that needs money right away should understand that the Internet is the best option to do this.

Just don't forget that it will take hard work and effort on your part to make the money you want quickly. Only you can make it happen for yourself, so don't put it off and get started by choosing the best way for you.

(Source: ezinearticle.com)

Why Are Some People Poor and Others Rich?

One of the biggest struggles in people's lives is seeing people around them who are more fortunate. It is frustrating to see other people have more than you do when you are as equally deserving as they are. This leads to one of the most asked questions of why are some people poor and others rich. The problem with this question is that there is no clear cut answer. There are several factors that go into people getting rich in their lives and there is also a lot that goes into why some people are poor.

One of the first ways to answer why are some people poor and others rich? is by looking at luck. This is something that plays a huge role in why some people are rich. They happen to be at the right place at the right time. It has nothing to do with skill or knowledge or even how badly they want something. What you have to remember if you are not one of the people who are rich is that your luck might be coming soon. You never know when you will strike it lucky and get everything you want out of life.

If you still are asking why are some people poor and others rich, a lot of it has to do with yourself. When you are able to take action in your life, you are more likely to get what you want, which in this case is money. Because luck does not happen to everyone, you have to be willing to take matters into your own hands. Think about what you want and then devise a plan of how you will make that happen. You cannot go through life relying on others to give you want you want. Because it is what you want, you have to make it happen.

Another way you can change your thinking about why are some people poor and others rich is by changing your thinking. You can do this by thinking more positively about everything in your life. You will be amazed at how much faster things come to you. This is because you are unknowingly hindering your chances at success when you think negatively. You are not allowing yourself to believe in yourself, which really is what needs to happen to be successful. You might even start realizing that wealth is not the only, most important thing in your life.


The Rich Don't Work For Money

It can hurt a little to see others do so well; the wealthy heading off in their luxurious car for a weekend away at their own private beach house, or jetting off around the world to taste the genuine flavors of the world. Yes it can be frustrating, you may even feel jealous; use these emotions to inspire you to think!

The majority of people finish school and go out looking for a job, some even start working before leaving school (parents smiling proudly). And yet most people never learn about money.

People often blame their boss, their wage, the economy, the government and the rich for their financial situation. Many of these people quit and go looking for a better job, a higher income and the others accept their situation and just keep working, waiting for a pay rise, living with the fear of getting fired and yet even more terrified of taking control of their own situation, getting out of their comfort zone and making a change.

Fear and desire drives most people to seek false security through a job; a job is simply a short term solution to a long term problem. It's easier to get a job and work for money; this is what you are taught at school and at home; go to school, get good grades and get a good job. Yes, it can be difficult to change your own situation and your own habit's, although it is still easier to change yourself than to change your boss, your wage, the economy, the government and the rich!

Robert's rich dad taught him that emotion is your energy in motion. "Learn to use your emotions (fear and desire) to think, not think with your emotions" He offered Robert and his own son Mike the opportunity to work for him at one of his Superette stores (a 1956 version of the 7-11) for free at the age of 9. The lesson to learn from this experience was that the sooner you forget about needing to earn money from a job the easier it will be to identify and take advantage of opportunities.

Robert and Mike did see an opportunity, an opportunity many people would never have seen or taken. They asked the comic book distributor if they could have the unsold comics from the Superette stores; this was allowed as long as they did not sell them. So... they set up a comic book library, charged an admission fee to the local kids to visit the library and read the comics. They hired Mike's sister to be their librarian. They generated money from their business; their money worked for them!

The Rich Don't Work For Money. Financial education is the solution.

(Source: ezinearticle.com)

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

How to Trade Foreign Currency - Learn the In's and Out's Quickly For Better Trade Performance

For the price of a hundred dollars there are various robotic Forex and Forex trading programs that say that they produce wealth with no input of effort. Surprisingly, traders are still purchasing these systems, in spite of understanding that about all traders are continually losing money, which would not be the circumstance if these applications held up to their word. If you are so green as to trust these outrageous claims, you too will end up losing all you invest.

Forex trading is a strong and easy system, allowing for fewer of the hang-ups you stumble on with more complicated systems. Within weeks, you may possibly have a undemanding system up and running and start to see profits with only 30 minutes spent every day. And whereas some traders believe that doing massive amounts of trading will make them extra money, that is a big fallacy. By trading too repeatedly, you force yourself to take low odd gambles. These frequently finish disappointingly. Even though being persistent does not hurt, becoming a lucrative Forex trader demands a different proficiency. In order to be profitable with Forex trading, you need to exercise persistence, waiting for high odds trades, that can generate vast income without investing a lot of time and work.

Forex authority consultants and software's desire that you trust that markets are stimulated by a higher power, but science by no means stimulated the marketplace. The stock exchange is run by people, who set the charges and their routines are what influence what those charges will be. The individual element is mercurial and so the stock exchange can't be calculated with any sort of accuracy. If there was a scientific approach that may perhaps foretell what the stock exchange would do, at that time traders would not be considered necessary since everyone would comprehend what would happen before it really did. Forex dealing is a risk. A lot of losing trades will be made, yet you can get the most out of the winning trades and create a profit over a long period of time. Trading should be based on odds not chance presuming.

Rich by Forex?

It's a known fact that Forex trading is simple and everything about it can be learned, but it's also a known fact that 95% of traders fail to make money and that's a huge percentage! You can however enter the elite 5% who get rich at Forex trading - but you must understand the points in this article.

If you think you are going to make money at Forex, by following a cheap software package and make money with no effort, then your going to lose. These systems promise huge gains with no effort but if it really was as easy to make money as they say, everyone would trade for a living and no one would work. Now for some good news:

The good news is - anyone can learn to trade and it's a known fact that the best Forex trading strategies are simple so, you don't need a college education to learn one and you can do it in a few weeks.

Sounds easy so far?

Well let's give you the harder part of Forex trading and understand it and you will understand, how you can get rich at Forex trading when most traders fail.

The problem most traders have is applying their system with discipline, when they lose and keeping losses small in these periods. If you think its easy, you probably haven't traded. It's hard to keep losses small, when the market makes you look a fool and takes your money.

In these periods, you must forget your ego, keep your losses small and keep going until you hit a home run and then have the courage to run your profits to cover your losses.

The best traders have simple systems, they follow with discipline and they understand, there is no perfect system. The key to winning is the same as it's always been, the ability to keep losses small and run profits to cover them. You simply must follow your trading plan without deviating from it and keep your emotions out of your trading.

So how do you get discipline?

It's based on confidence in what your doing and a good Forex education and keep in mind - If you can't trade your system with discipline, you don't have one.

You can win and learning a method is easy, getting the right mindset is harder - but it can be done by anyone and if you get the right mindset, you are on the road to a great second or life changing income.

(Source: ezinearticle.com)

10 Tips On How To Get Rich Fast

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could get rich tomorrow? What would you do with all that money? Well believe it or not it can be done. Now I didn’t say it would be easy I just said you could do it. Here are 10 tips on how to get rich fast.

1. Invest - Start young. In fact start while you are in elementary school, kindergarten is even better. It’s the beauty of compound interest and over time your money will grow into a nice nest egg. Okay if you are reading this you are probably too old to start in elementary school but you can get your kids hooked. As for you the best plan of defense is to invest 50% of your salary in a high risk market fund or the penny stock market. You’ve got a 50-50 chance. You’ll either make a million or be broke in 90 days.

2. Marry Rich - Now how difficult can this be? All you need to do is find someone who has loads of money and marry them. Okay I didn’t say you’d be happy just rich. Perhaps not a solution for most of us but it apparently works for a few.

3. Win The Lottery - Ya ya I know the odds of getting struck by lightening are better than the odds of winning the lottery but you can’t win if you don’t try and it’s one of the few ways I know of that you can get rich fast.

4. Rich Parents - If you come from a wealthy family then you are half way there. All you have to do is stay in their good books and convince mom and dad to not spend their money and leave it to you when they pass. After all why should your parents get to enjoy the wealth they reaped?

5. Get An Education - Go to school for lots of years, accumulate plenty of debt, and choose a career that pays big bucks. After about 10 years in your profession you should be rolling in the dough and you might even be filthy rich before you get old

6. Become A Star - Heck if Jennifer Aniston or Nicolas Cage can do it why can’t you. A couple of acting lessons and you should be set. All you need to do is head to Hollywood and strike it big. One good movie and you’ll be set for life.

7. Invest In Real Estate - Buy high sell low – whoops I think I got that backwards. Buy low, wait 10 years, 20 years, maybe even 30 years but inflation will have your investment growing by leaps and bounds and you could be filthy rich especially if you bought in an up and coming city while house prices were still low. Now if you bought in Hicksville USA you may have a problem. It might take more than your lifetime to see any dramatic increases. Oh well you can leave it to your kids who can leave it to their kids and in another 100 years or so someone’s going to be sitting pretty.

8. The Internet Way - Heck where have you been. A quick search on the Web will reveal plenty of sites that will teach you how to make $50,000 a day. Now I think most of us could live quite comfortably on that don’t you? All you need to do is part with about $500 and they’ll tell you the secrets of wealth in one page or less. If the first one doesn’t do it for you perhaps you might want to try a few more. Oh wait a minute. Perhaps what you need to do is set up one of these sights, then you’ll be the one getting rich off the other poor fools that part with their $500.

9. Bank Robbery - Okay highly illegal and could land you a lifetime in the slammer but desperate needs require desperate measures. After all if you get caught you might not be rich but you’ll have free room and board for the rest of your life and then you could write a book about what not to do when robbing a bank and well see you could get rich from your book. And even better, you’ll stay rich because there is really no place to spend it while in jail.

10. High Risk Work - Take on those high risk jobs no one else wants. You know counselor in Iraq, bean counter in Afghanistan, Oil tycoon in Iran. But hey if you live through it you’ll be rolling in the dough. What does it matter that 99% never live through it. You’ve got a 1% chance and when it comes to getting rich those are pretty good odds.

Sure most of these ideas are pretty off the wall but if getting rich fast was easy wouldn’t we all be rich? Then what fun would there be in that? We’d all have too much money and probably be bored to tears. So why not aim for better life with good friends, love, happiness, and enough money to live comfortably but not so much that you stop dreaming about what you would do if you were rich.

(Source: www.articleclick.com)